Horse Care

As essential as a balanced nutrition, the attention and care provided to our livestock represents a distinctive feature of our brand.

Mares give birth in spacious and clean stables and, since their birth, colts undergo veterinary check-ups to prevent any illnesses. The first release of the mares and their colts to the fields is always a wonderful and revealing event; here, the stockbreeder starts to evaluate the behaviour and the early movements of the cattle and performs a concise analysis of the product.

The staff of the farm is a key factor, as they know to the detail the features of every horse: the keepers, the stable lads, the handlers, riders and assistants, they constitute a strong workforce that get the horses ready and assures the best quality for our products.

Our stables are cleaned everyday and disinfected regularly in order to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for the raising of the horse. They are released in detached boxes and kept in good shape with our automatic walker and the varied exercises used in their training. Besides, a thorough antiparasitic and vaccine monitoring, along with the most demanding veterinary assistance, guarantee a promising future to our horses.