In our fields has always been horses to do the farm work.

In the 60's of last century, we started to have some horses for walking, which fosters the interest for this noble animal.

In 1990, we buy the firsts Spanish breed mares from all Yeguada Militar, initiating the breeding of this ancient race and thus the stud, as it is, at present, duly registered in Cría Caballar, a dependent organism, on the time, of the Ministry of Defence, and recorded in the books of the "Cattlemen Ganaderos del Reyno," the iron that will mark the new colts and fillies born in stud installed in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) in Masia Sever.

The first mating that these mares receive, are from horses with the Yeguada Milirat iron. Later, some stallions chosen carefully for their pedigrees join to our stud. Nowadays we have our own qualified stallions with our iron.

In June 2010, the first twenty mares are moved to the new property located in La Roca del Vallés (St. Agnes of Malanyanes) Barcelona, where they graze freely in forests and fields.

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