The awards obtained by our horses reflect the excellent job carried out by our staff, a careful, well-prepared and determined work team that brings out the best of our products.

As an example, we list some of the prizes won by our horses:

- Best horse farm “Parc Central del Vallés“ (Barcelona)
- Best dressage movements in Fiecval (Valencia).
- Best dressage movements at the 'Campeonato de Andalucía' (Marbella).
- First prize in morphology and functionality “Parc Central del Vallés” (Barcelona).
- Best young specimens (gold and silver medals) Cambrils (Tarragona).
- Best Cobra exercise "Parc Central del Vallés" (Barcelona).
- Winners of several competitions at the "Copa ANCCE".
- Runner-up for the Equus Catalonia breed (Girona)
- Runner-up for Equus Catalonia morphology and functionality (Barcelona).

These achievements fill us with pride and encourage us to go on with our work.